Dan Helmer is a combat veteran, business strategist, Rhodes Scholar, husband, and father.  His wife, Karen, is a public school teacher, and their two young sons, Harris and Aaron, attend class in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Dan is the son and grandson of immigrants.  His grandparents came to this country as Holocaust survivors and refugees. In America, they were welcomed and found prosperity, freedom, and peace. Dan believes that this, the American Dream, belongs to all of us – no matter our color, our religion, where we were born, or who we love.

In order to defend the country that had done so much for his family, Dan joined the Army and attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.  He then served in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, in numerous domestic postings, and finally here in Virginia.  Dan remains in the US Army Reserve.

In the private sector, Dan was a business strategist who advised American businesses and US government agencies on how to solve their most complex problems.

Dan is a leader who is ready to bring out-of-the-box thinking to deliver better transportation solutions to Northern Virginia, protect our children in school while ensuring they have a high quality education, and protecting Virginians’ access to quality, affordable healthcare.