Transit and infrastructure


Each day, I face the same terrible traffic as most commuters in our district. For too long Richmond has failed to invest in our roads, mass transit system, and pedestrian infrastructure. As a result, our traffic is among the worst in the nation and it’s only getting worse. Politicians in Richmond seem out of touch with the reality faced by most of us and have stopped common-sense investments in fixing Route 28, preventing excess and off-peak tolls on 66, alleviating congestion on Braddock Rd and in Clifton, and fixing deadly intersections like the Fairfax County Parkway/Popes Head interchange.

We need leadership who will make infrastructure a priority. We need to start repairing broken roads and building new ones. Two-thirds of our secondary roads in Northern Virginia are in poor condition. This issue is affecting all of us and our families; it is making it hard for parents to get home from work in time to have dinner with their kids and increasing the costs of commuting.