Stronger and fairer virginia


As your delegate, I will fight for a stronger and fairer Virginia. Regardless of the color of your skin, whom you love, where you were born, or what god you worship, we all have a stake in our Commonwealth’s future.

It is appalling that in 2019, the Republican delegate from our district cast the deciding vote against equality for women, including those I served side by side with in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Equal Rights Amendment has my full support during the next legislative session and I will work across the aisle to get it passed for Virginia and added to the U.S. Constitution.

We need to stand up for communities of color and immigrants in a time of hateful and divisive rhetoric and policy. Our community has benefited greatly from immigration from every part of the world, from Korea to Vietnam to India to El Salvador.  In the House of Delegates, I will ensure immigrants have access to the American Dream. I also will protect voting rights and stand up against white nationalist violence.

With the upcoming redrawing of our Commonwealth’s legislative districts, we need to combat gerrymandering and ensure that all voices have representation in our political system.

It’s time to end corrupt, pay-to-play politics in Richmond.  I support fundamental campaign finance reforms that end unlimited donations, donations from Corporate PACs, and unlimited coordination with special interest groups.