Every Virginian should have the financial means to see a doctor and get medicine when they are sick.  We need to protect healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Virginians - including tens of thousands of Veterans - who now have access to healthcare as a result of Medicaid expansion. I’ve worked with clients in the private sector to help reduce the prices they pay for goods, and in Richmond I’ll use those same skills to combat the rising costs of healthcare. We need to be working to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all. This also means fighting to protect health benefits for police and firefighters who have served the Commonwealth; they should be covered if they get cancer or face PTSD as a result of their service to our community.

Families need access to reproductive healthcare that includes cancer screenings, birth control, and safe and legal abortion. I will fight to ensure  family planning decisions are between a woman and her doctor, not at the whims of politicians in Richmond. I’ll also fight to remove taxes on feminine hygiene products to remove burdens on people who menstruate.