I was appalled by the decision of our current Delegate to support a bill that would allow insurance companies to deny coverage in our Commonwealth to those with pre-existing conditions like my wife, Karen. I will fight to stop Delegate Tim Hugo’s age tax, which would allow insurance companies to charge more to those over 50.

I will protect healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Virginians - including tens of thousands of veterans and people with disabilities - who now have access to the care they need as a result of Medicaid expansion. I run a small business that employs over 25 people, so I understand how the surging costs of healthcare affect our families and companies. That’s why I will fight to lower the cost of private health insurance for every Virginian. My company takes on medical device makers and pharmaceutical companies that rip off the VA and prevent veterans from getting the care they’ve earned. I know how to stand up to special interests like the health insurance industry, who have given tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to our current Delegate. In Richmond, I’ll use those skills to fight to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all. This also means fighting to protect health benefits for police and firefighters who have served the Commonwealth; they should be covered if they get cancer or face PTSD as a result of their service to our community.