Gun Safety


You shouldn’t feel like you need to wear the body armor I wore in Iraq and Afghanistan just to be safe when you go shopping. Serving our country in uniform, I’ve seen the damage firearms can do in the wrong hands. As a gun owner myself, I know what responsible gun ownership looks like, and I know that it’s time for action to end gun violence in our communities.

We need universal background checks.

We need bans on high-capacity magazines & silencers.

We need to close the private sale and gun show loopholes and introduce common sense gun reform to protect our kids and our communities.

We need Extreme Risk Protective Orders that empower our police to ensure that dangerous individuals don’t have access to firearms.

Three times a year, my wife has to huddle in a corner of her classroom with her students for active shooter drills. Drills like these belong in military training, not in our schools. Enough is enough: District 40 is ready for gun safety reform.