Education, Schools, & Gun Safety


My wife Karen is a public school teacher, our kids go to Fairfax County public schools, and I graduated from a public high school. My education gave me incredible opportunities, including the chance to attend and graduate from West Point and become a Rhodes Scholar. I want all of our children to have the resources they need to succeed in school. That starts with adequately funding our classrooms and increasing teacher pay. Too often, students throughout Virginia are jammed into overcrowded classrooms and trailers, and quality educators are leaving the Commonwealth for more competitive salaries elsewhere.

Classroom safety must be a priority as well. My wife and the students she teaches should not have to practice active shooter drills during valuable learning time. We need to close the private sale and gun show loopholes and introduce common sense gun reform to protect our kids and our community, and we need to empower our police to ensure those who present a danger to themselves or others don’t have access to firearms.