Clean Government


It’s time to end corrupt, pay-to-play politics in Richmond. My opponent took a quarter million dollars from the predatory lending industry and then voted to allow them to rip off our troops, students, and the poor -- voting to raise caps on interest rates to 300%. He took tens of thousands of dollars from the insurance industry and voted to allow them to deny coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. And he took thousands from the NRA and voted away every single reasonable gun safety measure in Virginia in the wake of tragedies in Virginia Beach and Virginia Tech. That’s just wrong.

I’ll stand up to the current, corrupt campaign finance system in Virginia, ending the ability of corporate polluters like Dominion to influence their regulators through unlimited donations. I’ll demand that campaign funds only be used for legitimate campaign purposes, not personal expenses. I’ll put meaningful contribution limits in place.

I will also end the practice of partisan political gerrymandering in Virginia by supporting non-partisan redistricting. We need a system where voters choose their politicians. Instead, we have one where special interests buy them. It’s time for a change.