Helmer Challenges Hugo’s Corporate Donors to Stop Subsidizing Gun Violence

Today, Dan Helmer, the Democratic nominee for Virginia's 40th House District, called on Visa and other corporate donors to Republican House Caucus Chair, Tim Hugo, to seek refunds of their donations to his campaigns. Helmer suggested these organizations send that money to the families of Virginia Beach victims, their families, and other victims of gun violence. Helmer also called on Visa to cancel a $5,000 per person fundraiser they are hosting for Hugo on June 18.

As Republican Caucus Chair, Hugo helped prevent more than 70 gun safety laws receiving an up or down vote in 2019. He has refused to endorse new gun safety laws after tragedies like Virginia Tech and now Virginia Beach. Hugo has an A-rating from the NRA and has taken thousands of dollars in NRA money. He has voted to allow guns in the workplace and schools; voted to repeal the one gun a month purchase law; voted against enforcing federal gun legislation in Virginia; and voted for Virginia’s “Bazooka” law. Today, more Virginians die from guns than die in car accidents, and Republican House leaders have already indicated that they are unlikely to support commonsense gun safety measures in a Special Session called for July 8th.

Said Helmer, “Gun violence in Virginia demands action and leadership. It’s time to support commonsense measures that would save lives, from universal background checks to bans on dangerous weapons and accessories. Corporate donors to Tim Hugo like Visa have been subsidizing his elections, ensuring our lives are more dangerous. Virginians want to be safe. Visa and Tim’s other corporate donors should stop providing him venues to collect money, demand a refund, and send the money to the families of Virginia Beach victims and other victims of gun violence.”

Helmer’s call for action was featured as a video on Now This.


In addition to Visa, which has donated $25,650 to Hugo’s campaigns, multiple corporate donors who have cut ties to the NRA have supported Tim Hugo. This includes WalMart ($5,750), United Airlines ($500), Enterprise Rent a Car ($4,500), Citigroup ($4,250), and Bank of America ($9K).

Dan Helmer is a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a businessman, and a Rhodes Scholar. He is the Democratic nominee for the House of Delegates in Virginia’s 40th District. His wife, Karen, is a public school teacher, and their sons, Aaron and Harris, attend Fairfax County Public Schools.